14 Nov 2005

French Polynesian resident challenges French emergency decrees

2:34 pm on 14 November 2005

The French supreme court is yet to release its ruling to a challenge by a French Polynesian resident who claims that the government in Paris has abused fundamental rights by imposing emergency decrees aimed at containing rioting in urban areas.

A press statement from the court in Paris said the a ruling was to be made on Saturday morning.

The challenge was launched by Rene Hoffer who claims that the provisions in place now are not compatible with the constitution of the 5th Republic and only permissible in a situation of war.

Mr Hoffer claims to be the legal president of French Polynesia following the election turmoil in Tahiti in October last year.

At the time, the two main political groups stayed away from the meeting called to elect a president, with both Oscar Temaru and his rival, Gaston Flosse, then saying they were the territory's president.

Meanwhile, the supreme court's Saturday sitting has rejected an appeal by an anti-racism group which wanted to reverse new rules that allow for the expulsion of foreigners caught in the unrest.