11 Nov 2005

Fiji to draft new counter-terrorism legislation

9:27 am on 11 November 2005

Fiji is drafting anti-terror laws that could see the outlawing of organisations and individuals with close ties to international terrorist organisations.

The Fiji Times reports that this has been disclosed by the chief executive of the justice ministry, Sakiusa Rabuka.

Mr Rabuka says a special committee set up to draft the anti-terror laws has been studying models from the Commonwealth, Australia, the United States and Britain.

In the wake of strict new anti-terrorism laws in Britain, Australia and the United States, Mr Rabuka says similar laws in Fiji will be drafted to suit the local environment.

Fiji is among other countries which are under pressure for not fulfilling a United Nations Security Council directive to enact counter-terrorism legislation.

The Forum Secretariat's law enforcement advisor, Shaun Evans, is quoted as saying regional cooperation in compliance levels is improving through the setting up of an anti-terror network.