9 Nov 2005

Solomons politician says his sacking prompted by him being 20 minutes late

3:00 pm on 9 November 2005

An MP in Solomon Islands says he was effectively sacked from cabinet for being 20 minutes late for a session of parliament.

The prime minister's office says Bernard Ghiro was removed from the post of minister for infrastructure development because he wasn't in the chamber when his crucial vote was needed on a constitutional amendment.

Mr Ghiro accepts the prime minister's decision, but he says he'll raise his concerns about it.

"Before the bill was voted, I was late, maybe 22 minutes, in the parliament, so the intention there is not to absence from the parliament, but I was late because of my constituency issue."

The prime minister, Sir Allan Kemakeza, has sacked ten cabinet ministers since the arrival of the regional assistance mission; six of these have faced criminal charges.

Mr Ghiro says he's been very careful, and he doesn't want to cause disappointment to the people who voted for him.