9 Nov 2005

Fiji oil companies accused of forming cartel

11:15 am on 9 November 2005

The Consumer Council of Fiji has accused the three oil companies operating in the country of colluding to operate as a cartel to fix the price of oil.

The companies are Shell, Mobil and British Petroleum.

Th chairman of the Consumer Council, Swani Maharaj, says the companies may have different names but all three buy fuel from only one source in Singapore and share it among them.

Mr Maharaj says there is no competition and as a result consumers are suffering.

He says effectively there has been a monopoly in Fiji's fuel market for many years the result of which is the price crisis now facing the country.

Mr Maharaj says there is no reason for them to buy all their fuel from Singapore when they can get it much cheaper from Papua New Guinea or other nearby countries.