4 Nov 2005

Give Solomons provinces greater role in aid projects, urges Taiwan

9:23 am on 4 November 2005

There's been a call for the Solomon Islands government and aid donors to allow provincial governments to take a leading role in the planning, construction and delivery of services to their people.

The deputy premier of Guadalcanal Province, Stephen Panga made the call while presenting a paper on the provincial perspective to the Solomon Islands Government-Development Partners Consultative Meeting.

Mr Panga says while all provincial governments agree that donors have been of great assistance, the method in which aid was delivered present some issues.

He says aid donors prefer to operate in parallel to provincial governments following their own rules, rather than within provincial governments.

Mr Panga says many donors don't even consult with provincial governments, despite the fact that provincial governments are expected to manage many of the services and infrastructure components proposed.

He says in the rare cases where donors have consulted provincial governments, they are often not given any choices.