3 Nov 2005

Kanak group plans protest at nickel mining in New Caledonia's south

3:16 pm on 3 November 2005

A Kanak group, Rheebu Nuu, has called for a rally in Noumea tomorrow to protest against the nickel projects in New Caledonia.

The group says the launch of the Goro project in the south is organised pillage and irreversible industrial pollution.

It issued a statement, saying the group denounces the destruction of forests and the works being undertaken for a new power station and a new port for the planned nickel processing plant.

It says there has been no traditional authorisation for the project led by the Canadian company, Inco.

It says Inco is launching its project with the complicity of the government of the southern province both outside the law and environmental regulations.

Rheebu Nuu says this neo-colonial policy will see a repeat of mass immigration as seen in the 1970's when 5,000 people a year arrived from France, Wallis, Tahiti and elsewhere.