31 Oct 2005

Solomons government unlikely to revisit development fund system

4:55 pm on 31 October 2005

The Solomon Islands government says it may change the Rural Community Development Fund system should there be a big demand for that.

A community leader in the Malaita province has criticised the current allocation system as unfair, saying money should e disbursed to MPs according to the population density of a region

The call for change is being supported by the Solomon Islands Development Trust.

But a spokesman for the government, Johnson Honimae, says changes are not planned for the time being.

"If there is enough of suggestions, proposals, then the government will think about changing. With just one or two communities making suggestions, if there is enough support for these suggestions, then, I believe the government will think about changing how the funds are administered at the moment."

A leader of the newly-formed Democratic party, Mathew Wale, says he doubts the current government will change the system.