28 Oct 2005

FBI plans to open office in American Samoa by next year

4:06 pm on 28 October 2005

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation plans to open a field office in American Samoa in two to three months time.

The FBI first announced in March plans to open a Pago Pago office, that will be under the jurisdiction of the Honolulu field office.

FBI spokesman Brandon Simpson says that the agency is currently looking for office space in the territory.

However he couldn't confirm whether the plans for an office are linked to recent reports of FBI agents in Pago Pago probing a possible human trafficking scheme between Samoa and American Samoa.

"I think it's important to know that the FBI's presence is expanding when it's needed. So my assumption would just be that there's enough work to do over there, that it's started becoming a better option for the FBI and American Samoa to have a couple of agents over there full-time."

Brandon Simpson says the FBI hopes to have the Pago Pago office opened around the beginning of the new year.