27 Oct 2005

Samoa recommending payrise for striking doctors- report

9:26 am on 27 October 2005

Sources who have seen the Samoa Commission of Inquiry's report into the country's doctors' strike have told the Samoa Observer that the report supports claims by the doctors that they are underpaid.

The newspaper quotes sources as saying that the commission has established that the doctors were not fairly compensated for their services.

The commission also identified problems with previous management in the Health Ministry.

The sources said the commission found that the previous management didn't look after doctors properly and doctors felt neglected which led to the strike.

The Commission Chairman Matatauali'itia has met the Acting Prime Minister Misa Telefoni to discuss the report.

According to the sources, the commission will recommend an increase in doctors' salaries, but cabinet will determine how much.

The sources said the commission has also responded favourably to a number of other issues raised by the doctors.

The President of the Samoa Medical Association Doctor Mauiinu'uese Imo, a member of the commission, has declined to comment on the report.

Thirty Samoa government doctors are in the seventh week of a strike; they want higher salaries and improved working conditions.