25 Oct 2005

Striking Samoan doctors to be told about inquiry outcome later this week

3:00 pm on 25 October 2005

Striking doctors in Samoa have been told the outcome of the government's commission of inquiry into their concerns will be announced on Friday.

Public doctors are now entering the seventh week of their strike in protest at low pay and poor working conditions.

The government was due to complete the inquiry by October the 7th before postponing it to October the 21st.

A member of the Samoan Medical Association, Dr Vaiouga Levi, says there has been a lot of controversy over how the government has handled the strike.

He says many people are blaming the government for last week's death of a child whose parents were turned away because they arrived at the clinic after it had closed.

"There is a lot of controversy between the government and the strikers. There seems to be some misunderstandings going on, and people are saying a lot about the government in delaying to come forward with a result of the strike."

Dr Vaiouga Levi.