25 Oct 2005

Auckland AIDS conference to hear about problems in Papua

2:57 pm on 25 October 2005

A human rights activist from Papua, Adolfina Zonggonau, says she hopes to draw international attention to the HIV Aids problem in the Indonesian province.

Vanuatu-based Ms Zonggonau, who works for the Indonesian Human Rights Committee, says she has been told that more than 1,000 people have contracted HIV in Papua so far this year.

She says there is no awareness campaign to prevent the spread of HIV/Aids.

Ms Zonggonau says it is further complicated by the fact there are cultural stigmas attached

"They are trying to introduce condoms, but traditionally, using condom is taboo. And the churches disagree."

Adolfina Zonggonau is hoping to raise her concerns at the Pan Pacific AIDS conference, which starts in Auckland today.

There is no Indonesian delegate at the Auckland conference.