24 Oct 2005

French Polynesia Greens want citizenship issues clarified

4:19 pm on 24 October 2005

The Greens in French Polynesia have called on the pro-independence party to say whether it wants to develop a citizenship status for the territory.

The party's president, Jacky Bryant, told the Tahitipresse news agency that investors want to have more certainty.

At the party's general meeting, he says the Tavini Huiraatira Party led by President Oscar Temaru should clarify its view on whether it plans to follow New Caledonia's lead and create a citizenship apart from the French one.

While Mr Temaru has personally spoken out in favour of independence, his multi-party coalition has maintained its position to pursue autonomy.

French Polynesian leaders have been advocating the use of the name Tahiti Nui for the French territory but not the creation of a separate citizenship.