19 Oct 2005

Fiji NGO hits out at Methodists' stance on homosexuality

9:37 am on 19 October 2005

A Fiji church-based NGO has publicly hit out at the stand of the Methodist Church on gays.

The church is organising a nationwide protest march against gay sex saying it is doing so because gay sex is a sin.

The church says it is not marching against poverty because that is not a sin.

But the Ecumenical Centre for Research, Education and Advocacy says the Methodist Church's stand is more about pomposity than anything else.

Its director, Aisake Casimira, says staging a public march against poverty and government policies which perpetuate it, is much more in line with Christ's teaching to show compassion for the poor.

Mr Casimira says marching against the sin of greed for power and wealth, and working to ensure that government policies are more in line with its rhetoric on poverty, would be far more useful.

He says indifference to the plight of those who are hungry, thirsty and homeless of all races is perhaps the greatest sin of all.

Mr Casimira says the Methodist Church would do well to re-examine what constitutes its priority moral concerns.

He says if the Methodist Church insists on criminalising homosexuality as a consequence of their literal reading of the Bible, then they must also insist on its Biblical punishment which is stoning to death.

Mr Casimira says by the same logic, the Methodist Church should also march against adultery, lying, prostitution, greed, young men and women who lose their virginity before marriage, excessive consumption of kava and so on.