14 Oct 2005

American Samoa police charge drug fugitive

2:33 pm on 14 October 2005

Police in American Samia seized 20 bags of crystal methamphetamine today from a man who tried to flee when police approached him.

Nikolao Alo is being held on bail of 150,000 US dollars and will appear in District Court tomorrow on a charge of unlawful possession of a controlled susbtance, with intent to distribute.

It's the second methamphetamine bust in the territory within the space of a week.

One of the five defendants in last Saturday's raid in Nu'uuli, Kaili Tualau has been found to be in the territory illegally.

The Tongan citizen arrived in the territory three months ago from California and did not have a valid permit or ID.

He is now being held without bail owing to his illegal immigration status.

He and the other four defendants, Vilitoni Tualau, Evelyn Tuia, Vilitoni Tuia and Vitaliano Ioane will go before District court Judge John Ward tomorrow for a probable cause hearing.