13 Oct 2005

Plan agreed for ongoing public protest for greater democracy in Tonga

2:19 pm on 13 October 2005

People's Representative MPs in Tonga have agreed with the interim civil servants' committee and business leaders to carry out an ongoing series of public protests until political reform is reached.

They've agreed at a meeting this morning to call a protest in the capital's main square, Pangai Si'i, each Saturday, until their demands for greater democracy are met.

Mateni Tapueluelu reports.

"Pangai Si'i is the place where they've always had the rally during the recent strike. I'm aware they've got plans to pull all the sectors of the country together to push for political reform. They have agreed with the Law Society in Tonga that they can battle the legal aspect of the political reform. Already they're getting support from all around the villages in Tonga because they've been on TV this week. For Radio New Zealand International I'm Mateni Tapueluelu from Nuku'alofa."