13 Oct 2005

American Samoa to receive funding boost for airport improvements

2:20 pm on 13 October 2005

American Samoa is to receive 7.4 million US dollars for airport improvements from the US Federal Aviation Administration.

6.4 million dollars of the funding is for improvements at Pago Pago International Airport for the construction of an aircraft rescue and fire fighting training facility, three aircraft rescue vehicles and an update of the airport's master plan study.

$385,000 dollars will be used to pay for an an environmental study for a runway extension at Ofu Airport, and more than 500,000 dollars will be spent on Fitiuta Airport for rehabilitation and remedial works following cyclone Olaf in February.

Port Administration director, Fofo Tony Tuitele, says the funding comes at a perfect time, now that the airport division is on a fast track of planning, building and improving the airport infrastructure.