13 Oct 2005

South African jurist offers Fiji advice on reconciliation and unity

11:12 am on 13 October 2005

South Africa's chief justice, Pius Langa, says Fiji can learn some of its lessons in uniting different ethnic groups from his country.

Justice Langa was the Commonwealth's special peace envoy to Fiji after the coup when Fiji was suspended from the world body.

He is in Fiji at the invitation of the country's NGOs to deliver a public lecture.

Radio Fiji quotes Justice Langa as saying he is optimistic of Fiji becoming a united country if all leaders work together.

But Justice Langa has warned that the people will be the biggest losers if national leaders fail to create unity.

Justice Langa says Fiji's leaders should be working towards resolving the polarisation of races which he had noted when he came on behalf of the Commonwealth.

He says Fiji can learn from South Africa's experience because it is being done there.