11 Oct 2005

PNG threatens to ban corned beef from Fiji

11:37 am on 11 October 2005

Papua New Guinea has threatened to ban corned beef from Fiji if the government in Suva continues in its refusal to allow the entry of corned beef from PNG.

The Fiji Times reports that although an agreement was reached during the recent Melanesia Spearhead Group meeting to allow PNG corned beef into Fiji, it still cannot do so.

PNG's secretary for trade, Alois Tabereng, says Fiji has still not informed them about lifting the ban or given them a scientific reason why it should be retained.

Mr Tabereng says they will give Fiji 21 days notice to respond and if that is not done, PNG will take retaliatory measures.

Fiji first imposed the ban on PNG corned beef in 2002 because of concern about sanitary and quarantine requirements.