10 Oct 2005

Predictions that doctors' strike in Samoa could drag on for four more weeks

8:18 pm on 10 October 2005

There are predictions that the month-long strike by public doctors in Samoa could drag on for another four weeks.

A commission of enquiry that was set up to look into the doctors' grievances will now not report on its findings until the 21st of October but striking doctors believe it will still take some time from that date for a resolution to occur.

A member of the Samoa Medical Association, Dr Viali Lameko, says they are surviving through donations from family and friends.

And, he says extending the commission of enquiry doesn't alter the doctors' stance.

"The doctors are still on strike and will continue to go on strike because the commission of enquiry report is only one step. Then, the next step will be for the cabinet to look into the commission of enquiry reports and then it'll most probably go on for another four weeks because, as I said, the commission of enquiry is just one of these steps."

Dr Viali Lameko.