10 Oct 2005

New Solomon Islands party says absence of leadership motivating factor to setting up

5:01 pm on 10 October 2005

The just launched Solomon Islands Democratic party plans to field candidates in all 50 constituencies for next year's general elections.

Its parliamentary leader, Mathew Wale, says they are realistic about how they will do but are holding discussions with other parties that hold similar views to strengthen their chances of success.

Members of the Democratic party include a former governor-general, a leading lawyer and senior public servants.

Mr Wale says they will be campaigning on a platform of social cohesion, political reform and improvement of the economy.

And, he says it was an absence of leadership in the country that led to the Democratic party coming together.

"Our crises was primarily an absence of leadership. So, I think that absence of leadership is the fruit of an absence of vision over the years. We also believe that as a younger generation, whose future, most of its future is still in front of it, would have more concern for the pressing issues, more concern for its people."

Mathew Wale.