10 Oct 2005

Fiji government accused of discrimination over scholarships

11:56 am on 10 October 2005

The Fiji government is facing accusations of discrimination for not including the newly established University of Fiji among the list of institutions whose students are eligible for state-funded scholarships.

Fiji TV reports that the matter has angered the National Federation Party which held an urgent meeting with the prime minister just before Laisenia Qarase's departure for an official visit to India.

The NFP's general secretary, Pramod Rae, says Mr Qarase has promised to look into the matter as soon as he returns from India.

Mr Rae says depriving University of Fiji students of government scholarships would discriminate against all its students irrespective of ethnicity.

The university was set up by a Hindu religious organisation in Lautoka a year ago and caters mainly for students from Fiji's west.