10 Oct 2005

New technologies to supply energy in Solomon Islands examined

12:00 pm on 10 October 2005

New methods to supply electricity to rural areas in Solomon Islands are being considered following the World Bank's bail out of the national electricity authority.

The Solomon Islands government and the World Bank reached a deal to save the Solomon Island Electricity Authority from insolvency after an audit revealed a debt of more than 23 million US dollars .

A Treasury spokesman, Jim Hagan, says alternative energy supplies and changes in the management of current resources are being considered.

Mr Hagan says hydro and and bio-diesel energies have been discussed, along with transporting power to rural areas

"Theres a developing in interest in small power units that can go into the provinces to provide electricity supplies to schools or health clinics, who need refridgeration facilities or need to be able to run computers"

Jim Hagan says the aim is make Solomon Islands self-sufficient managing its own power supplies.