7 Oct 2005

MP says talk of secession from Solomon Islands is ill-informed and premature

5:10 pm on 7 October 2005

The member of parliament for Rennell and Bellona province in Solomon Islands says it's too early to say whether the province should secede from the country.

Joses Tuhanuku says the idea is something that has not been discussed formally or properly addressed yet.

Mr Tuhanuku's comments follow reports that the people of the province are determined for secession due to a lack of development and infrastructure investment.

The province's deputy premier, Solly Tengemoana, has reportedly raised the matter with the governor-general, Sir Nathaniel Waena.

However Mr Tuhanuku says that without wider consultation, such opinions are ill-informed...

"Running a country or creating a new nation is not a simple thing, and anybody who thinks that's what should happen has got to address it in a proper way - inform people properly, consult people properly, and see what they come up with; talk with the central government, have some idea as to what the members of the South Pacific Forum would think about such an idea. There are a lot of issues that will have to be addressed."

Joses Tuhanuku