7 Oct 2005

Rennell and Bellona MP says talk of secession from Solomon Islands is ill-informed

1:38 pm on 7 October 2005

The member of parliament for Rennell and Bellona province in Solomon Islands says any bid for secession by the province needs to carefully considered.

Joses Tuhanuku says the idea is something that has not been discussed formally yet and would need a wider consultation before it goes anywhere.

Mr Tuhanuku's comments follow reports that the people of the province are determined to secede because of a lack of development and infrastructure investment.

However, Mr Tuhanuku says these issues are problems for the whole country, not just his province.

He says that until people look at the situation of the whole country, talk of secession is ill-informed...

"The executive of the province should formally go around the two islands, Rennell and Bellona province, and properly consult the people and have some discussion and see what is the real view of the people on the issue."

Joses Tuhanuku says the proposed new constitution would see Solomon Islands come under a federal system, under which provinces would have more autonomy.