5 Oct 2005

Savo people back Solomons PM on his support for RAMSI

7:47 pm on 5 October 2005

Reports from Solomon Islands say people on the Prime Minister's home island of Savo are opposed to calls by a new party for the regional assistance mission to be withdrawn.

This comes after several meetings were held in Savo with Sir Allan Kemakeza who invited RAMSI two years ago.

Sir Allan was told that it would be unwise to send away RAMSI because the peace process remains fragile and rebuilding of the infrastructure and social service as just started.

The calls for RAMSI to go has been made by Manasseh Sogavare, a former prime minister who has formed the Social Credit Party.

In response to this, Sir Allan has told Savo people that RAMSI must stay to help rebuild as there are many collapsed areas in the goverment machinery.

Elections are due next year.