4 Oct 2005

Air Fiji signs deal with Solomon Airlines

3:37 pm on 4 October 2005

Air Fiji has signed a new agreement with Solomon Airlines and the company says it hopes it will be the first of many such signings in the Pacific.

Under the agreement the two airlines will exchange technical services and equipment including aircraft.

The Commercial Manager at Air Fiji, Shaenaz Voss, says two pilots are already working in the Solomons and engineers will soon be sent to Suva for training.

Ms Voss says the agreement is part of an effort to create more cooperation among Pacific airlines.

"We've had Air Fiji management or personnel out in the regional environment and looking at different opportunities where we can assist and where we can also derive some assistance from and mostly to do with the sharing and pooling of resources."

Ms Voss says Air Fiji has held talks in Nauru, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Tonga in regards to greater cooperation.