30 Sep 2005

Solomons intervention force shoots two crocodiles at school, but fails to kill them

1:33 pm on 30 September 2005

A school teacher in Solomon Islands says intervention force officers may have accidentally aggravated a group of crocodiles which have encroached on the school grounds.

Duddly Masae of the Betikama Adventist College in Honiara says RAMSI officers responded promptly, when he appealed for authorities to shoot the crocodiles.

But Mr Masae says the officers may have inadvertently made the situation worse.

"They shot at one croc but it was only wounded. And last night also they came, same thing happened. So I think the crocs are wounded, they are not killed. Now that they are wounded, they will be more dangerous."

Mr Masae says RAMSI officers are still after the crocodiles, and his staff are working with them.