30 Sep 2005

American Samoa warned it has to boost game to attract tourists

10:18 am on 30 September 2005

The Pago Pago Visitors Association says American Samoa has to put the talk about tourism into action or miss out of the tourism boom that Samoa is experiencing.

The President of the Association Tom Drabble, who has just returned from a Tourism Conference in Apia, complimented Samoa's efforts in tourism.

He was impressed with the village beautification programme and said it was well supported.

Mr Drabble also complimented the relationship between the government and private sector.

He said American Samoa's cable car to Mount Alava should be restored as there was nothing like it in other islands.

But Mr Drabble identified the two problems which have to be fixed first before the territory can market an attractive tourist package: Rubbish and stray dogs.