29 Sep 2005

Some politicians in PNG still corrupt says Transparency International

8:24 pm on 29 September 2005

Transparency International PNG has disputed comments made by the Public Service Ministry that Papua New Guinea has reached a new era of corruption free politics.

The Public Service Minister Sinai Brown has told local newspapers that the real culprits when it comes to corruption are senior civil servants and too much focus is put on politicians.

His spokesman, Patrick Leslie, says the days of corruption plaguing the PNG parliament are over because MPs are more educated than their predecssors.

However TI PNG Director, Dr John Nonggorr, says corruption is still rife in parliament especially when it comes to the use of so-called slush funds.

"Very little has changed. It is true that there are a good number of MPs that may not be tainted by corruption but the extent of it remains about the same and it is unlikely to change until institutions and individuals change."

TI PNG Director, Dr John Nonggorr.