29 Sep 2005

Vanuatu Workers Union to meet with PM

8:25 pm on 29 September 2005

The general-secretary of Vanuatu's National Workers Union is to meet with the Prime Minister Ham Lini tomorrow morning to discuss the union's lingering dispute with Air Vanuatu.

Ephraim Kalsakau says Mr Lini has granted him a meeting to discuss the Union's concerns over the layoff of 26 Air Vanuatu workers, as well as other grievances with the airline, and workers' rights in general.

The Union is yet to hear back from the Police Commissioner in response to their latest application for permission for a street demonstration over the Air Vanuatu dispute and workers rights.

Mr Kalsakau says that Mr Lini, one of the shareholders in the carrier, may want to discuss the union's plans to demonstrate with or without a permit.

"There are concerns that things could, sort of, get out of hand. That's why he's agreed to meet with us, because we threatened to go to the street without permission."

Mr Kalsakau says they're still waiting for the Department of Labour to facilitate talks between the union and Air Vanuatu management.