29 Sep 2005

TI PNG calls on politicians to improve perception

3:48 pm on 29 September 2005

Transparency International Papua New Guinea says if politicians think they are being unfairly treated by the media, they should tidy up their act.

The Public Service Minister, Sinai Brown, has said media and NGOs should be focussing more on corruption among the public service and not politicians.

Mr Brown says civil servants are the real culprits of corruption.

TI PNG Director, Dr John Nonggorr, says if Mr Brown is correct than he should be responsible also as minister of the civil service.

And Dr Nonggorr says if he is concerned about the media spotlight then all he needs to do is make sure his conduct is impeccable.

"The media should be looking at corruption and other misdeeds, whether that is by politicians, public servants or anyone else. If politicians in Papua New Guinea complain that the media attention is focussed on them than the problem is not so much the media it's the politicians. They have to get their house in order so that attention can be focussed on other parts of the community where they think the problem is."

TI PNG Director, Dr John Nonggorr.