29 Sep 2005

Jailed Fiji government senator denied bail

8:28 am on 29 September 2005

The Fiji government senator jailed for coup related offences, Mohammed Apisai Tora, and 12 others have been denied bail pending appeal.

Defence counsel Iqbal Khan argued they should be given release on bail because of their age and health grounds.

But the Lautoka High court judge, Justice John Connors said the defence counsel had failed to convince the court that the appellants should be released on bail.

Justice Connors said the appellants did not show any exceptional circumstances on which they could be granted bail such as tendering proper health documents.

Mr Khan said their next course of action was to go to the Fiji Court of Appeal.

Tora was sentenced to eight months in prison and the others for four months for seizing a military checkpoint near Nadi International Airport and setting up a roadblock at the height of the coup.