27 Sep 2005

More Pacific countries consider renewable fuels amid soaring oil prices

6:48 pm on 27 September 2005

There are efforts underway in the Pacific to lessen the impact of soaring fuel prices.

The Pacific Islands Forum is helping countries put risk strategies in place, which includes helping them to future proof their purchases, while other agencies have advice on renewable energy.

Vanuatu is one Pacific country making extensive use of an alternative to diesel - namely ethanol from coconut oil.

Others, such as Solomon Islands, American Samoa and Norfolk Island want to get renewable systems for producing energy in place.

Norfolk's Chief Minister, Geof Gardiner, says they have been looking at alternatives for ten years but the recent price hikes are making it more feasible.

"Certainly two very attractive options, that as the price seem to be escalating, become more attractive, have been the pursuit of the utilisation of wave energy and of course, wind power."