26 Sep 2005

Fiji Sugar Corporation supports calls for alternative uses of sugar crop

6:51 am on 26 September 2005

The Fiji Sugar Corporation has endorsed a suggestion by Oxfam that the European Union help the industry develop activities such as ethanol and electricity production.

The acting CEO, Abdul Shamsher, says with declining prices and the end of special preference deals, the industry has to look for alternatives.

Oxfam says the EU has a responsibility to help the sugar industry adjust to the new market conditions, which the EU has created.

Mr Shamsher says they are already using sugar cane waste for electricity production, but the process could become much more significant with more efficient machinery.

"What they call the accompanying measures that will come in to bail out the affected parties.And obviously we also have in the negotiations with the other stakeholders - we are looking at options, the options are still open about how we are going to do it, but yes we are looking up to the EU for support."