23 Sep 2005

French Polynesian politician says cronyism remains unchecked

3:43 pm on 23 September 2005

A centrist politician in French Polynesia, Nicole Bouteau, says the new government led by Oscar Temaru has adopted the policy of cronyism as did the previous administration led by Tahoeraa Huiraatira Party.

Ms Bouteau, who is the leader of the No Oe E Te Nunaa Party, says a year ago Mr Temaru pushed for fiscal prudence to control the budget but now things have changed.

She says making a critic, Hiro Tefaarere, a 17th government minister is a purely political decision.

At a news conference, Ms Bouteau said the new government hadn't set priorities, failed to rein in spending and abandoned its call to change the autonomy statute put in place last year.

She says it was undignified of the president to speak about opening and inclusion while warning the opposition that it would be done away with.

Ms Bouteau also noted that the French government has now accepted that there has been a political change in Tahiti.