23 Sep 2005

Guam pupils to undergo TB screening

3:40 pm on 23 September 2005

Pupils at a Guam primary school are to undergo screening after a teacher at the school was diagnosed with active tuberculosis.

The Department of Public Health has confirmed the teacher has been taken out of the classroom and has started on TB medication

The Pacific Daily News reports that the employee will not return to school without medical clearance.

TB control programme manager, Cecilia Arciaga, says staff and parents of students who have had close contact with the teaher have been notified, and a free TB screening will be given at the school.

Identified students and staff who do not complete the required TB skin test, even through private clinics, by the end of the month will be excluded from the school until the test is given and results are submitted to the school.

Ms Arciaga says the entire first grade will need to undergo screening.