23 Sep 2005

Fresh opportunity for New Zealanders to comment on Pacific Plan

9:25 am on 23 September 2005

New Zealanders get another chance next week to have a say on the Pacific Plan for greater co-operation and integration in the region.

At the first consultations in March, Loudine Parsons of the Family Centre, was one of many who criticised the lack of community input, but she says there has been much more talking around the region since then.

Ms Parsons says the Pacific Islands Forum, which is driving the Plan, has a role to play in bringing needed development to the region.

She says it is vital it has access to the best possible information on development.

"But at the same time protect our cultures and our patterns of land ownership and our regional environment. So I guess it would take, say a decade, to really thoughtfully bring the best advice into those areas and to be able to talk at the community and non-urban areas where development is really critical and in fact in crisis situations."