22 Sep 2005

Hopes mental health team sent to Nauru will recommend end to detention of asylum seekers.

7:00 pm on 22 September 2005

The Australian Greens Senator, Kerry Nettle, believes the government is bowing to domestic pressure in its decision to send a team of mental health experts to assess the remaining 27 asylum seekers on Nauru.

The visit, which was approved by the Australian Immigration Minister, Amanda Vanstone, comes amid reports of depression and self harm amongst the mostly Iraqi and Afghan detainees.

Senator Nettle says Ms Vanstone should already know that the continued indefinite detention of the men is cruel.

She hopes that the team will see that what is best for the detainees, is an end to their detention.

"Hopefully they will realise that what the people in Nauru really need is certainty about their future, being brought back to Australia, that will solve their mental health problems and the international embarressment of the australian government's Pacific Solution idea."

The Australian Greens Senator, Kerry Nettle.