22 Sep 2005

China delegation visit to Vanuatu reflects expanding ties between two countries

4:48 pm on 22 September 2005

The director-general of Vanuatu's Prime Minister's office, Jean Sese, says this week's visit by a high level diplomatic Chinese delegation reflects the expanding ties between the two countries.

The vice chairman of China's national peoples congress, Xu Jialu, and his 18-member delegation made a stopover on their way home from the Papua New Guinea independence anniversary celebrations.

Mr Xu describes their trip as an eye opener to Vanuatu's potential and says it's the role of super powers like China to help small developing nations.

Mr Sese says the recent spate of high-level visits between the two countries reflects a growing relationship, with China giving assistance on a project-by-project basis.

"The scope of our co-operation has been expanded to include many sectors in different fields, especially agriculture, fisheries, infrastructure and other various sectors."

Jean Sese says assistance from China in various sectors complements programmes Vanuatu already has with other partners.