21 Sep 2005

Cook Islands Public Service Commissioner happy cabinet backs down on sacking

1:28 pm on 21 September 2005

The Cook Islands Public Service Commissioner is welcoming a cabinet decision to back down over its attempted dismissal of the Mangaia island secretary.

Joseph Caffery says this ends the standoff between him and the cabinet where he had threatened to resign over the cabinet's move to sack island secretary, Tuaine Tuara.

He had said earlier that there was no reason to dump Mrs Tuara who consistently ranked highly in assessments of island secretaries, and that there should be no political interference in the way the public service was run.

Mr Caffery says the cabinet has now accepted advice from the Crown Law office that it should not proceed with the attempted dismissal.

"I'm elated that they've taken the legal advice given to them. What now happens to her? She's back in the job, and she's doing as she was before; before she was suspended or terminated."

Mr Caffery says his resignation has now been withdrawn and he will see out his contract which ends in June next year.