20 Sep 2005

Solomon Islands Red Cross says Guadalcanal flood victims may have to move elsewhere

7:25 pm on 20 September 2005

The Solomon Islands Red Cross says it is planning to send another team to help flood victims on Guadalcanal.

Communities are still trying to cope after flooding and landslides affected remote parts of the province last month.

Lorima Tuke of the Red Cross says it has just dispatched 100 bags of rice to the Weathercoast as emergency food relief.

But he says flood victims may now have to consider moving elsewhere.

"We'll still have to do something, from the joint assessment. So the support will be just basic sort of relief, but the people will at least have to look at safer ways to move to certain locations to mitigate things in the future."

Mr Tuke says a joint assessment report by disaster officials who visited the flood affected areas is expected to be released shortly.