20 Sep 2005

PNG energy workers opt not to strike this week

1:46 pm on 20 September 2005

Employees at Papua new Guinea's electricity provider have cancelled a strike planned for this week while negotiations take place.

Last week, the workers said they would strike after they received no response to their concerns over the planned hiring of a foreigner as CEO instead of a local at the state-owned corporation.

But the Energy Workers Association's Philip Kaira says PNG Power management and government representatives have since come forward to open the way for negotiations.

And he says the CEO-appointment has been put on hold.

"No strike planned for this week. People have decided to talk with union so we're withholding the resolve until further notice. The resolution for the strike ballot actually indicates that the executive for the union will decide when to start and when to call it off, so it's open for us to use at any time."

Philip Kaira says no strike will be planned until they learn the outcome of negotiations.