19 Sep 2005

Samoa's public hospital says it's coping with doctors' strike

3:19 pm on 19 September 2005

Samoa's government is believed to be looking overseas to temporarily fill gaps at the public hospital due to the doctors' strike.

The assistant chief executive officer for clinical health services at the hospital, Dr Stanley Dean, says they are coping with the effects of the strike as it heads into its second week but services have been cut.

And, he says the public is aware of the situation so they don't have too many patients at the moment.

But, Dr Dean says they are short staffed and the government is looking at short term solutions.

"I think the government are mainly asking some Samoan doctors who are currently working in New Zealand. Because, most of our New Zealand graduates are working in New Zealand instead of coming back to Samoa, to see who is available for a few weeks, just to help out."

Dr Dean says the Commission of Inquiry into the strike is not expected to report back before about the 7th of October so there may not be an end to the strike before then.