19 Sep 2005

Solomon's Prime Minister could face challenge from local woman for his electoral seat

7:17 am on 19 September 2005

A female public servant in Solomon Islands says she will decide at the end of the month if she will challenge the Prime Minister for his electorate seat.

Leotina Kikitu, who works as a cashier and secretary for the Commodities Export Marketing Authority, would be the first women to stand for the parlimentary seat in her home of the Russel Islands.

Leotina Kikitu says the current Prime Minister, Sir Allan Kemakeza, has done little for the local people.

"The Prime Minister doesn't put a lot of effort in terms of education. I mean in terms of development, we have to have a lot of people educated in order to develop our land. We've got land and marine resources but there are not enough people who are educated."

Leotina Kikitu says she would also increasing health funding and improve the standard of living in Russel Islands.