17 Sep 2005

Fiji's top police officer warns against hate speech as MPs hear views on Bill

7:10 am on 17 September 2005

Fiji's police commissioner has warned against extremist threats being expressed in public submissions to a parliamentary committee on the Reconciliation and Unity Bill.

Radio Legend reports that one Suva resident, Masi Komaitotoya, told the committee that the leaders are not aware that the masses are preparing for another coup.

He said the next coup would be far worse for ethnic Indians than the terrorism in Muaniweni which forced hundreds to flee their homes during the Speight uprising.

But the police commissioner, Andrew Hughes, says while people are entitled to express their views, those who make threats of unrest can be dealt with under the law.

Mr Hughes says police will not tolerate people agitating for unrest and will not stand back and let that escalate into any form of violence.

Mr Hughes says certain individuals are being monitored and police will not allow any instability in the country.