17 Sep 2005

Solomons PM accuses UN of not responding to his country's crisis

4:30 am on 17 September 2005

The Solomon Islands prime minister, Sir Allan Kemakeza, has accused the United Nations of not responding to an outbreak of ethnic tension in his country.

Sir Allan has told the world summit in New York that the United Nations let the Solomons slide into lawlessness and what Australia described the brink of collapse.

He says Solomon Islands joined the United Nations 27 years ago because it believed in the values the organisation represented.

Sir Allan urged the world body to concentrate on its weakest and most vulnerable members.

The Australian prime minister John Howard, who is also been in New York, says the intervention force to Solomon Islands shows that in an uncertain world there is not always a response from a particular institution.

In the face of ethnic violence, Solomon Islands wasn't able to obtain a response from the United Nations Security Council given the country's diplomatic ties with Taiwan, which isn't recognised at the UN.

Mr Howard says it wasn't the formal process that mattered, but the result.