17 Sep 2005

Row in Fiji's conservative alliance party over leadership

7:12 am on 17 September 2005

A row has broken out in the junior partner in Fiji's coalition government, the pro-coup Conservative Alliance Matanitu Vanua, over who should be the party's general secretary.

Radio Legend says when the general secretary, Senator Ratu Josefa Dimuri, was jailed for his role in the coup, Ropate Sivo was appointed acting general secretary.

Now that Ratu Josefa has completed his extra-mural sentence, the party president Ratu Tanoa Cakobau, has re-appointed him general secretary in an official letter,

But the acting general secretary Ropate Sivo says he was appointed by party members earlier this year and he will not be moved by Ratu Tanoa.

Mr Sivo says the Conservative Alliance president is using the Cakobau name and making decisions without consulting party executives.

Mr Sivo says he has told Ratu Tanoa and "the whole bunch of them to resign".