16 Sep 2005

Fiji Public Service says reform will combat corruption

3:47 pm on 16 September 2005

The chairman of Fiji's Public Service Commission, Stuart Hugget, says reform of the FIji Public Service is progressing well despite reports of corruption.

The PSC has been flooded with complaints about abuse of office and corruption in government ministries and departments.

This follows the commission's introduction of a Whistle Blowers Policy under which those reporting corruption are protected from victimisation and harassment.

The policy was adopted after the auditor general highlighted widespread malpractice and abuse within the government.

Mr Hugget says combating corruption is a key part of the new reformed public service they are building.

"What we're doing is we're actually formulating what an ideal civil service in Fiji should be. Then we're going to build it from scratch and the existing civil service will continue to operate alongside the new one until a point when the new one will have taken over entirely."

The chairman of Fiji's Public Service Commission, Stuart Hugget