16 Sep 2005

French Polynesian deputy mayor takes challenge to French supreme court

12:37 pm on 16 September 2005

A deputy mayor in French Polynesia has lodged a complaint with the French supreme court following last week's controversial election of a new mayor of Makemo.

Marere Mairoto has accused both the French state and the new mayor, opposition MP Michel Yip, of serious irregularities in the process in Tahiti to choose a new mayor.

The Makemo mayor was removed through a decree by the French prime minister for alleged mismanagement.

Two attempts to elect a new mayor on Makemo failed because the townhall was blockaded and the council then met in Tahiti to choose Mr Yip.

Mr Mairoto was also replaced but is still listed by the French high commission website as the Makemo deputy mayor.

The ousted mayor has rejected the prime ministerial decree and called a council meeting.