15 Sep 2005

Fiji police commissioner takes legal action after being stopped sacking two officers

8:12 pm on 15 September 2005

In a landmark case, Fiji's police commissioner has taken the Disciplinary Service Commission to court for not upholding his recommendation to sack two police officers.

Radio Legend reports that Andrew Hughes is seeking a judicial review of the commission's decision.

Mr Hughes filed the challenge in the High Court after his recommendation to dismiss the two officers for breaches of the police code of conduct was overturned by the Disciplinary Service Commission.

The police legal counsel, Graham Leung, told Justice Roger Coventry that according to the Constitution, the commissioner has the powers to hire and fire any officer below the rank of inspector.

Justice Coventry said this is a very complicated case where the powers of the police commissioner and the Disciplinary Service Commission are being questioned.

He said the High Court's ruling would set a benchmark for future cases and would deliver judgment on October the 12th.